Monday, April 16, 2012

Updating the Second Screen Ecosystem Infographic

In February when many of us met to discuss the quickly developing second screen marketplace at the Second Screen Summit, we referred to an infographic that helped describe the players in each of the contributing market segments.

We had many spirited conversations that day and in the following weeks about which actors were left out and where they belonged.

Thanks to tremendous effort by MESA, below is an updated infographic that is complete and ready for your use during NAB this week.

We have identified the major players from contributing market segments including:

  • Major brands (who can benefit from the consumer behavioral change)
  • Media agencies (primarily pushing the brands in this direction along with Social TV)
  • Middleware companies (working to integrate this into their offerings)
  • Metadata service providers (driving Stimulating second screen experiences)
  • Measurement and analytics companies (helping us all to understand what the consumer is doing)
  • Recommendation engines (driving the industry towards Discovery)
  • 3rd Party app creators (building some of the best second screen apps out there)
  • Testing/QC companies (helping to sort out the platform and revision testing)
  • Consulting companies (helping to sort out the objectives)
  • Distribution platforms (trying to harness the power of second screen)
  • OTT video services (trying to harness the power of second screen)
  • Content security services (focusing on making it all secure)
  • Synchronization technologies (helping to improve the experience)
  • CE Devices and Network Operators (using a Simple approach to incorporate it into their consumer offering)
  • Studios, Broadcast Networks and Sports Leagues (trying to aggregate larger audiences thru the experiences)
  • Social networks (driving the Social element)
  • Mobile (capitalizing on consumers on the go)
  • 3rd Party Apps (trying to aggregate audiences around the experience)
  • Video ad networks (trying to monetize the experience)

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