Thursday, March 7, 2013

Robert Tercek: Inventing the Future of Second Screen

Last Tuesday, a little over 250 industry professionals gathered for a 2nd Screen Summit in Beverly Hills.  No one in the audience had any idea that they were about to see the most thought provoking keynote presentation on the future of TV and Second Screen.

Robert Tercek has been "Inventing the Future" of media and entertainment throughout his 25-year career.  He is passionate about inspiring audiences to seize their own destiny by thinking creatively and taking decisive action. His business strategies are informed by his personal experience as a pioneering executive for MTV, Sony and OWN, and as an entrepreneur in disruptive startup ventures.

During his 30-minute presentation at the summit, he explored parallels of the music and TV industry, and explored the concepts of a sports video and Pay TV carriage fee "bubble", rounding out the discussion of risk in the TV industry with a brief review on the march of organized video piracy.  He additionally explored the opportunities that the digital transition presents both premium and ad-supported video content, focusing on potential value of the changing consumer behavior and exploring the opportunities of fragmentation with second screen devices.

To listen to the audio of his presentation and see his slides, click here (

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