Thursday, April 10, 2014

Second Screen by the Numbers, Q1 2014 - more growth, more engagement, more monetization

2nd Screen Q1 2014 infographic

2nd Screen Viewing Experiences:
73% of TV Everywhere views are on a 2nd Screen.  ReelSeo.  Feb 6th
89% of video views on the BBC’s iPlayer are VOD vs. Live.  52% of video requests came from mobile
Auto-authentication reduces TV Everywhere abandonment rate from 50% to 10%

2nd Screen Companion Experiences:
35% of 1st screen time is 2nd screened, of which 1/3 is with related content.  41% of that to follow-up on TV ad, 11% to interact with TV, 14% social about TV program, 24% discovery.  Milward Brown

2nd Screen Growth:
Year over year, share of time spent watching videos on tablets and mobile devices has increased 719% since Q4 2011, and 160% year-over-year since Q4 2012
Mobile video ad spend will increase 82.1% in 2014.  eMarketer.

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