Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Review of Rovi What's on TV as a SecondScreen Experience

Rovi is a meta data company, powering things like your TV's Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and TV Guide (which ironically is also a SecondScreen app, competing with this app).  However, they haven't spent a lot of time developing this oddly branded app in terms of UX or features.  The app takes you through a typical registration process to determine your location and TV provider.  Then it essentially provides a similar experience as your on-screen EPG that they are famous for powering, allowing you to see what is on each channel in nearly the same UX as the actual on screen guides themselves.  They make a few attempts at providing some Stimulating content, but the photos which are added and the cast/crew are sort of done haphazardly without much depth, though you can get to more detailed information about the actors themselves but some of the lesser known actors are not populated/linked to Wikipedia correctly.  There is a check-in capability and a way to see "Recent Tweets", but the UI/UX again is a bit of an after thought.  All in all, the app seems to be as much as odds with the concept of utilizing an iPad to gain the same old EPG experience and the corporate name is being used as a consumer brand.

Simple.  No ability to control the first screen.

Social.  A awkward attempt to integrate Twitter and the concept of checking-in.  Low.

Seamless.  While there is a "Where to Watch" button (and a search capability), it only yields the channel and time on which your show is scheduled to appear (like an EPG).  None.

Stimulating.  Some random photos, some cursory level bio information (not all populated correctly), and a similar shows feature.  Medium.

Discovery.  I don't think flipping thru an EPG is a discovery feature.  There is the attempt at "similar shows" feature (also often un-populated, even for "Revenge", a current popular show), but without any knowledge of your own preferences, this is more like an Amazon "people who bought that, also bought this" approach.  Low.

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