Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quick wrap-up of the 2nd Screen Society Panel at the Multiscreen Summit

I had the pleasure of attending a great panel this afternoon on the monetization and consumer engagement of second screen with a strong cast of industry players at the Multiscreen Summit here in Hollywood.

Guy Finley, the executive director of the 2nd Screen Society, moderated the panel which consisted of Babba Uppal from Endemol, Tom Engdahl of Magic Ruby, Matt Kennedy of 1K Studios, Zane Vella of WatchWith, Marjorie DeHey of MEF and James Hursthouse of Roadhouse Interactive.

Since the world seems to be infographic mood, I thought I would summarize the session with this awesome graphic penned live during the discussion by Wyn Wilson of ImageThink, courtesy of Variety/Unicomm:

- After quick intros, the debate quickly descended into what would come first--a great consumer experience or monetization (the proverbial chicken and egg).
- To Babba's point, the argument about whether your rating points are increasing or decreasing because of second screen isn't the right discussion--engaging the audience you already have is more important.
- There was some good discussion about how valuable synchronization was for a Stimulating experience--both for live and recorded programming. Zane described how simplicity for live viewing was better than confusing technology.
- Tom described the synchronized shopping experience for the Sons of Anarchy Gear app and how it was driving consumer behavior for that program's cult following to buy show related items.
- Matt discussed the challenges a service provider faces in helping to build great consumer experiences related to movies in today's Blu-ray sync-capable world.

Want to catch the next panel live?

We are hosting another panel at the Fairmont Hotel today (Sept. 20th) in San Francisco in support of the TV Next Summit and will be in NYC with a panel, members' cocktail mixer and show floor support during AdWeek Oct. 1-4.

Looking forward to seeing you on the West or East Coast soon.


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