Thursday, April 4, 2013

Second Screen by the Numbers - infographic

How did the first quarter stack up vs. our projected growth of the industry?

Come join us in Las Vegas for 2nd Screen Sunday @ NAB this weekend to discuss from 1-6pm (cocktails follow).

We have a content-packed program being kicked off by Hardie Tankersly from Fox and being closed by Jason Kint from CBS Interactive Sports with a lot of great panels and presentations in between.

(if you have trouble with registration, please follow the instructions here)

• zeebox reportedly had over 3.7m
downloads and Viggle is approaching
2m active users
• 2/3 of Americans under 44 years old who
own tablets and smartphones are
shopping on them while watching TV
• NBA games have been garnering 1-3m
social impressions, making the games
consistently the highest socially active
events each week
• The Academy Awards, Grammy’s
and Super Bowl 47 each were given their
own “network developed” special
purpose app, helping to drive incredible
increases in engagement year on
– 13m+ social impressions for the
Academy Awards
– 19m+ social impressions for the
– 52m+ social impressions for the Super

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