Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Masters 2013 - another strong showing for sports in second screen

Last year, the Masters 2012 had one of the strongest showings as a second screen app. Building on a converged experience use case (both as a companion experience while in the living room and presenting a viewing experience for consumers on the go AND for video footage not shown on television), the 2013 version has continued to emphasize its strongest features (the ability to follow your favorite players, get alerts when they are on live TV, the ability to see video recaps of their efforts, etc) and has developed the converged viewing experience opportunity even further (integrating "free" broadcasts and Pay TV authentication when appropriate).

The UI is clean and easy to navigate and the alert setup is well done (letting you know when you turn on live streaming to see your favorite players live).  While they still have not embraced the Social TV side of second screen, they are knocking the ball out of the park on delivering an Enhanced experience (Stimulating) and have used a converged experience to deliver the Control and Discovery feature sets.  Expect this trend to continue in dedicated sport event apps (Enhanced experienced combined with a Converged companion and viewing experience) similar to the other apps shown in this graphic (ie March Madness).

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