Thursday, February 16, 2012

Second Screen App "Shoot-out"

As many of you already know, we are holding a 1-day conference next week at the Loews in Santa Monica (Feb 22) with two parallel tracks: one on Second Screen and one on Social TV.

We are planning to run a 2nd screen app "shoot-out" around lunch time.  Essentially, we are going to take the audience through a three-minute tour of each of 10 Second Screen TV apps where in the 1st minute we walk through a series of use cases for the consumer on a scripted TV show, in the 2nd minute we perform similar tasks on a live / reality TV show, and then give the app developers a chance to show off the features they believe differentiate themselves in the 3rd minute.

Then we'll let the conference audience vote using Twitter hash tags and combine that feedback with the views of a small panel of "expert" judges (50/50).

Finally, we'll award the winners in 6 categories at the end of the conference day (just before cocktails):
  1. Best in Simple (ability to control the first screen)
  2. Best in Social (ability to interact with others via Twitter, Facebook, live chat, etc)
  3. Best in Seamless (ability to provide multiple sources for viewing content)
  4. Best in Stimulating (ability to provide the consumer with interesting and relevant content during their viewing experience)
  5. Best in Discovery (ability to provide the consumer with recommendations on other content he/she may be interested in)
  6. Best Overall 2nd Screen Experience
Here are the list of apps we plan to review next Wednesday:

  1. BuddyTV
  2. TVplus
  3. Fanhattan
  4. ConnecTV
  5. Dijit
  6. Viggle
  7. Umami
  8. Miso
  9. yap.TV
  10. IntoNow

Visit to reserve your place in the conference and get a chance to vote on your favorite apps.  See you on Wednesday in Santa Monica.

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