Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Oscars, Roku and the BBC - Revealing the future of TV

It's been another fast-paced week in the digital video and second screen industries.  While the OTT video world is still reeling from the previous week's announced Disney Movies Anywhere service (a serious threat to UltraViolet) and Marvel's announcement of an exclusive output deal with Netflix (continuing to threaten HBO), second screen took a shot in the arm from the Oscars, and Roku mounted an attack on Chromecast.  At a glance:

  • "Watch ABC" did Second Screen for the Oscars "right"
  • Ellen broke Twitter
  • Roku announced their "streaming stick" device
  • Dish struck a deal with Disney to delay commercial skips
  • FreeWheel was acquired by Comcast
  • The BBC announced the death of analog for it's Channel 3 service
  • An Aereo lost its court battle in Salt Lake City and Denver