Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2nd Screen Society announces definitive Second Screen market research study

"The 2nd Screen: Transforming Video Consumption" written and produced by The Intersection LAS VEGAS   — At the 2nd Screen Summit at International CES today, 2nd Screen Society Chairman Chuck Parker introduced data and details from his new research study: "The 2nd Screen: Transforming Video Consumption."  The 250-page document details the current state and five-year projections for this emerging marketplace, which the researchers estimate as a $490 million market today and expect to reach $5.9 billion by 2017.

Created by The Intersection, a research company owned by Parker and TV technology executive Renaud Fuchs, and published by the 2nd Screen Society, the report presents both the global market size and segmentation of the hundreds of consumer facing apps in the market place, the build-up of the market sizing, a deep-dive on the technology driving this space, the latest trends and case studies on the leading apps in the market. Additionally, the report will cover how consumers are using their 2nd screens as 1st screens both in and out of the living room, as TV Everywhere strategies come into full effect in the consumer market place. "With 35 million tablets sold during the holiday season in 2012 and an estimated 40% of all television viewers now enhancing the experience with a 2nd screen, this is clearly the trend to watch for 2013," Parker explains.  "What can you expect to see in 2nd screen developments in 2013 and who are the current leaders?  How will the giants of today’s video industry respond to this challenge?  We answer these questions and more in this report."

The in-depth study covers everything you need to know about 2nd screen: 
  • The technology status and future developments: how ACR and the “system level” 2nd screen platform from Xbox SmartGlass will have significant impact on the marketplace
  • A segmentation of the market and a scoring of hundreds of companion apps: that are used to control, discover, enhance, share and multi-task.
  • An analysis of the players in the ecosystem: why studios and TV shows focus on enhancement and pay TV operators focus on control.
  • A full-blown usage analysis, business models and market sizing with detailed data to 2017.
  • A detailed review of the Top 50 apps:  what works and what doesn’t and identifying key feature sets
  • A detailed look at trends and future state of the 2nd screen market
  • An 18-month detailed forecast:  describing trends we believe will have a short-term impact on this emerging marketplace for applications and 2nd-screen technologies.
  • A deep review of second screen as a viewing device
For more information about the research study visit:
The 2nd Screen Society represents over 40 technology leaders who are committed to collectively advancing the creation, production and adoption of content applications, devices and distribution systems within the new 2nd Screen Engagement Ecosystem.  The Society is managed on behalf of its members by MESA, the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance.
To find out more about the Report and the Society contact Chuck Parker at:

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