Saturday, January 5, 2013

Second Screen by the Numbers Q4 and 2012 Infographic

As we head into CES Monday, I thought I would post a teaser of some of the data we will present at the 2nd Screen Summit (held at the Wynn, 1-6pm, cocktails to follow).  2012 was certainly one helluva year for second screen, finishing with a "tablet Christmas" which delivers us into a "second screen CES".

See you Monday.

  • In 2012, Social TV grew 363%, ending the year with 800m+ social comments about TV
  • 40% of tablet/smartphone owners use a 2nd screen daily while watching TV
    • 40% of tablet owners seek further information about the TV program
    • 29% of smart phone owners shop online while watching TV
    • 46% of smart phone owners check social networks while watching TV
  • Viggle acquires GetGlue with 4 million potential subscribers in total, 61% of Viggle subscribers planned to use Viggle points for Xmas gifts
  • 35 million tablets were expected to be sold in the US during the holidays
  • The most social TV event was the Grammy's at 13m+ impressions, the most social TV show was The X Factor, with move than 600k average social impressions per show
  • Currently, 52% of engagement comes from iOS, 30% from Android

Looking for the source to all this data? Check here

Looking for a comprehensive report on Second Screen?  Check here


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