Thursday, January 17, 2013

Speaking a common Second Screen Language - Launching the 2nd Screen Lexicon

When we sat down for our first advisory board meeting last June in NYC, we discussed which topics and challenges to try to tackle as a team, where the issues were on one hand not competitive and on the other hand would genuinely help move the entire second screen ecosystem forward.

Within a few short minutes, we were in a heated debate over what second screen was or wasn't.  It is very tough to work together without a common language or lexicon.

So we worked with more than 40 advisory board members to develop an initial set of 25 terms  that we felt like were the "25 Essential 2nd Screen Terms" to deal with the problems facing all of us now.

The terms were made publicly available during our CES event in Las Vegas on January 7th.  You can review them at and you can deep link the individual terms (look for my blog to do so going forward).  The terms range from the obvious (what second screen is and what isn't) to the technical (several forms of ACR or Automatic Content Recognition).  We are already working on the next set of 25 advanced terms, so if you have suggestions, feel free to send them to me.

While we are on the subject of the 2nd Screen Summit @ CES, below is a collection of great articles written from press who attended the event.
Already seen the articles?  Check out these video interviews of key industry execs at the event, including Hardie Tankersly from Fox, Ian Aaron from ConnecTV, Alex Terpstra from Civolution, Alan Wolk from Kit Digital, Rob Gellick from CBS Interactive, and our own Guy Finley from the 2nd Screen Society and MESA.

Other 2nd Screen Summit @ CES factoids:
  • 47 industry CEOs, 10 CTOs, and numerous marketing professionals flew into Las Vegas on Monday the day before the big show to join
  • 357 eager attendees to see
  • 59 industry experts enlighten us from 2 stages across 8.5 hours of programming (cocktails not included as programming...)

Members and attendees should be on the look out for an email soon with a userid and password that will give you access to the presentations and video of the sessions from CES.

Look out for us at AppsWorld on February 7th in San Francisco, and then in LA on February 20th for a content focused 2nd Screen Summit.

Then we are back in Vegas for "2nd Screen Sunday @ NAB" on April 7th, focused on TV and sports.

Looking forward to seeing all of you.


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