Monday, January 16, 2012

Post - CES SecondScreen Roundup

CES was surprisingly light on SecondScreen and SocialTV.  Essentially, there were two new applications launches during the show (ConnecTV and M-Go), one demo application (MediaEcho for Indiana Jones Crystal Skull app) and a new app (OWN) that at least publicly launched during or just after the show.  Dijit did a new release during the show and Zeebox and GetGlue announced new money during the show (from Sky and TimeWarner respectively).  Civolution announced (nearly non-stop) that they signed their first official customer (ConnecTV, even sharing a booth with them) and Gracenote announced their intention to compete with them and Audible Magic in what is now being called "ACR" technology (Automatic Content Recognition).  I also saw an RCdB demo of "WatchWith" in the Miramax suite.

In theory, a great opportunity to leverage any progress amongst these or the other early leaders (Umami, TVplus, yap.TV, Miso, Fanhattan, IntoNow, BuddyTV) could have been the NFL playoffs over the weekend or the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday (I'll review my experiences in the next few blogs).  But honestly, there wasn't a whole lot of progress made on the big consumer viewing opportunities in the first half of January.  Marketing was light and the experiences didn't wow many (did you see any articles today on them?)--though I did see one good consumer "so what" link from Disney Second Screen.

So, what's next?  Reviews on ConnecTV, M-Go, OWN, the Crystal Skull app, and the new Dijit release. Additionally some commentary on my attempt to watch some NFL and the Golden Globes on Sunday with a SecondScreen.

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