Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Review of USAAnywhere as a SecondScreen Experience

After you install the powered app, you are first required to register (Facebook and Yahoo integration).

I am not sure why you need to remember an account name vs. just logging in with either FaceBook or Twitter after registration, but once registered the app behaves very much like (no surprise) for the universe of current USA network shows. I always get concerned in these cases that the consumer won't associate a network with a show, but in theory the network or content owner is in a much better position than anyone to make the experience really engaging (they can tag content before the show is ever syndicated to the many formats, for example, preserving the flexibility for all channels and apps). The collage of shows is the menu UI, which works well for them to promote their other shows, but isn't super efficient if you only like a specific show.

The polling feature, curated Twitter feed, live chat feature and collections of photos are good super-fan Social material.

And then we get to the "friends" tab. See my previous post, but in short, I already gave them my Facebook and Twitter information and this is how they repay me?

Finally, if you want to use the app to see when your show is next on, they have a grid guide (ugh). Without integration to your DVR to record and no Seamless integration to other OTT sources of content, it really isn't of much value to the consumer (somewhat like the TVGuide or Rovi apps).

Simple. No control of the first screen.

Social. Powered by, a decent experience with curated Twitter feeds, polling and live chat. Medium to high.

Seamless. No capability to see integrated sources of their content.

Stimulating. Surprising, the number of photos available is weak. Also, there is nothing about the cast, the episodes, etc. Low.

Discovery. No discovery features.

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