Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An initial review of TVDinner as a SecondScreen experience

I signed up for an account today and they released it to me this evening.  They are clearly in startup-mode, so probably too early to give a full review, but I thought I would at least give everyone an idea of what's cookin' in TVDinner, the newly launched app/start-up for SecondScreen (man, this space is getting crowded) announced yesterday on LostRemote.

After getting the nod on my account, I had to log in with Facebook for access.  Ok.  I scrolled thru the "How to Play" slides describing what TV dinner is--essentially what seems to be a "game" made up of getting the viewer to engage (comments, polls, etc) on certain TV shows.  There is no description about a reward system (loyalty points) like you will see with Viggle in the next post.  Perhaps that will come later.

It looks like they have "sold" this into only certain shows, and unfortunately none of them were available after 9pm tonight when I got my account.

The list of shows they have seem to be a mix of popular series (Glee, Homeland) and a few live event shows (NFL, Oscars).

I threw in a few of the images describing what we hope to see tomorrow night.  Stay tuned.

My initial guesses:

Simple.  Probably None.

Social.  Probably Medium.  Will allow you to tweet/chat, do polls, etc.

Seamless.  Probably None.

Stimulating.  Hmm.  Hard to tell.

Discovery.  Looking very low from the descriptions.

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