Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Review of TVGuide as a SecondScreen Experience

I have to admit, this app is completely perplexing.  While the Rovi "What's On TV" app was a very similar experience to your TV's EPG, this app is almost EXACTLY your TV's EPG.  There is no show or episode level detail.  The only UI is literally a grid guide.  While you can search and mark a TV series as a favorite, you literally cannot do anything else.  Even more perplexing, the feature for "News" and "Photos" is literally just a feed of news and photos vaguely related to TV, not related to your favorites or a channel or network.  The only demographic this app would appeal too are very, very unlikely to actually own a tablet or smart phone in the first place.  What a bizarre decision to put this app into development and then to publish to the iPad.

Simple.  There is no ability to control the first screen.

Social.  There is not even an attempt to integrate any social features.

Seamless.  There is no attempt to integrate any other sources of content outside your live TV service provider.

Stimulating.  There is not even episode level data, much less even an attempt to show any other information about the show other than the brief time slot description, the channel and the time.

Discovery.  There is no attempt at any features to support discovery.

Perhaps this is the "Un" SecondScreen app example.

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