Friday, January 6, 2012

An infographic data roundup for Second Screen

There are quite a few skeptics out there about Second Screen and SocialTV.  Some of them say this is a fad.  Others say, "So what?"  Here's the "so what."

  • ·   110,000 Social comments on average per episode for X-Factor, the “most buzzed about” series in 2011
  • ·         23% of the people viewing the ad on the second screen engaged with it
  • ·         1.8 billion “likes” on Facebook for TV shows
  • ·         25% of 18-24 year-olds are interested in having more social features integrated into their TV viewing experience
  • ·         $200 billion - Size of the global TV advertising market
  • ·         1% increase in TV ratings is the result of a 14% increase in social buzz
  • ·         5,567,954 Social comments on the MTV Music Video Awards
  • ·         86% of mobile internet users are using smart phones or tablets while watching TV -- 92% of 13-24 year-olds do the same
  • ·         5,641,263 Social comments on Prince William and Catherine’s wedding
  • ·         70% of sports viewers would like to interact while watching a sporting event
  • ·         38% say that browsing the web enhances their TV watching experience
  • ·         300% increase in sales for show related fan items after the deployment of a sync’d second screen app

Sources: Park Associates,,, Bluefin,, Nielsen,,,

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