Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another look at BuddyTV as a SecondScreen experience

I have been getting emails from BuddyTV prompting me to come watch the show I put on my "watchlist" (Modern Family) when it is live.  I thought I would see if there are any significant updates in features that would change my views from my Nov 30, 2011 blog.

While it is still just an iPhone app (no iPad version), using the app to tune my AT&T U-verse receiver worked well.  It still cannot see my DVR contents though.  The "remote" button still allows you to use your tablet as a fully functioning remote.

It seems to be doing a better job as seamlessly integrating content than I remember, now offering the channel my show is on and the ability to rent from Amazon on the same page.

It still does a decent job on Discovery, showing me content based on a seeding algorithm I participated in when I started using the app a few months ago and offering me those recommendations across Netflix and my live TV provider (AT&T).

Social is still its downfall, with the ability to make comments only in a haphazard way.  It did take advantage of my Facebook friends list, but seemingly only to show me a list of friends I could share the app or TV show with.

Stimulating has not improved either in the past few months.  Still just a cursory review of the show description.


Simple.  Still doesn't access my DVR, but still very strong.  Medium to High.

Social.  Still weak here.  Low.

Seamless.  Improving with integration of Amazon and Netflix. Medium to High.

Stimulating.  Still low.

Discovery.  Still strong with Medium to High.

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