Monday, November 28, 2011

My Review of GetGlue as a SecondScreen Experience

GetGlue has been around perhaps the longest of any of the apps out there.  Functionally, it is essentially a sophisticated Twitter/Facebook sharing app that allows you to share and review comments about major entertainment categories (TV, Film, Music, Books, etc).  For its relative longevity and perceived high install base, it has relatively rudimentary SecondScreen functionality.

- Simple.  While the app itself is simple to setup and use, there is no ability to use it to control your first screen.  There is no audio or other synchronization for the app to tell itself what you are watching.  You literally search for what you want to comment on (like Twitter).  None.

- Social.  It allows you to rather easily integrate your Facebook friends and Twitter followers so that you can watch their "stream" of comments about the entertainment topics, but does not integrate the wider Twitter world as easily as some of the other apps (IntoNow, Fanhattan, Twitter itself).  Recently it has deployed a badge system similar to FourSquare.  Medium.

- Seamless.  There is no current capability to integrate the solution with multiple video services.  None.

- Stimulating.  Other than the social aspect (reading other viewer comments), the descriptive information (meta data) about the items in the category rarely gets below title level (ie no episode level details such as IntoNow, IMDB, Fanhattan).  You can see reviews and comments, but only again on a title level.  Low.

- Discovery.  There are some elements of discovery in the app: you can see your friends' recommendations, you can get the system to recommend titles to you based on your ratings of films, and there is a "Trending" category that allows you to see what are the most popularly engaged titles.  Medium.

There is both a laptop and an Android experience in addition to the iPad experience shown above.

My overall summary:
- Simple. None.
- Social. Medium.
- Seamless. None.
- Stimulating. Low.
- Discovery. Medium.

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