Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Review of Clicker as a SecondScreen experience

Clicker.com has been around about as long as GetGlue has.  Thought it was recently acquired by CBS Interactive, there has not been a significant amount of feature enhancement to the iPad app or the web site.  Essentially, the app serves as a decent tool for looking up a movie or TV title and finding out which service provider has it (I think Fanhattan is currently better at it), but it does not do much else.

- Simple.  It does not control the first screen, but will launch iTunes, Hulu+, or Netflix apps (closing Clicker of course).  The registration process (Facebook) is, however, very easy to do.  Very low.

- Social.  While on the surface, it seems to have the social tools of GetGlue or IntoNow, there is no Twitter feed integration and the majority of the social connections is just "checking in" that you are watching something (posting that to Facebook or Twitter).  You can't really follow other comments (or at least, not easily).  Low.

- Seamless.  The original point of the web site and now the iPad app was to provide a sort of uber-TV guide of which OTT service can meet your content needs as a consumer.  The web site does a better job than the iPad app (YouTube is integrated for example), but the Fanhattan app has a better UI for this functionality.  As stated above, you can launch some of the content directly on your iPad, but cannot search your DVR, channel-line up, local area network, etc.  Medium.

- Stimulating.  While it has a leg up on GetGlue in that it has episode level detail, most of the detail is incredibly cursory.  Some of the descriptive meta data about episodes is not even complete.  There is no integration of other sources of meta data (photos, Wikipedia, IMDB, etc).  Very low.

- Discovery.  Instead of a "Trending" view of showing you what to watch, you have a "Popular" view (based on the total number of check-ins).  You can also see what friends are watching, but Fanhattan does a much better job of both--and I wouldn't really call either function Discovery. Low.

- Simple.  Very low.
- Social.  Low.
- Seamless.  Medium.
- Stimulating.  Very low.
- Discovery.  Low.

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