Thursday, December 8, 2011

A look at the #Bing search function in the new #XboxLive media UX

I spent more time with the much discussed search feature tonight.  I was actually pretty impressed with the search capability (searches across video, music, games).  I also wanted to check it was searching multiple sources (as shown in their commercial).  The good news:  it is!  The bad news for consumers: they are applying business rule filters (not surprisingly) which seem to be "if the title is available in the Zune video marketplace, do not show Netflix or Hulu option."  I can't guarantee that since I did find instances of it available on Netflix and Zune, but I also could not find some Netflix instances I know are there.

But the good news is still very good.  You now have an intuitive voice search for content across multiple media types and if Xbox cannot present the content itself to you, it will show the Hulu and Netflix options, and when you select the title (assuming you have an account), it launches you directly into that app and plays that title.

I think this continues to demonstrate the real potential of this platform--once it is out of beta :)

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