Monday, December 12, 2011

My Review of TimeWarner Cable TV App as a SecondScreen Experience

I do believe that most of the video service providers (Cable MSOs, Telcos, or Sattelite) will do the minimum required to reduce the churn of their service (vs. 3rd party apps trying to create a revenue stream).  This app is good evidence of that theory.  The app struggled to work with the cable box, and without the box speaking to the app, it was only usable as a 1st screen app (ie streamed channels for TV Everywhere).  However, that TV Everywhere concept only works when you are in the house--more like a "TV In Your House" feature--except I already have TV's in my house...

Ironically, without the app communicating to the cable box, you cannot even bring up the guide (very odd design).  So I will give this a quick go, but will definitely need to come back later on the DVR and Guide functionality (channel change, etc).

- Simple.  The app's main purpose seems to be to provide DVR and Guide functionality (channel change, etc).  My guess is that this will be a medium once I get customer service to fix my neighbor's box integration.  Medium.

- Social.  No evidence of any integration of Facebook or Twitter.  None.

- Seamless.  There is no attempt to integrate any content other than that of Time Warner Cable.  None.

- Stimulating.  No evidence of anything other than the guide data.  None.

- Discovery.  No evidence of any ability to help you discover any content.  None.

Back soon to confirm the views on Simple.

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