Monday, December 5, 2011

My Review of SOAGear as a SecondScreen Experience

With tomorrow night's episode being the season finale of Season 4, I thought I would give a quick summary of the iTunes app.  The app is designed to be a fan-based commerce experience that provides timely and relevant prompts by synchronizing the items that are for sales with the content on the screen.  If you are a show fan, this is a great experience.  It provides a passive way to have t-shirts, jeans, shot glasses, rings, and jackets presented to you in a way that does no interrupt the viewing experience but allows for a quick purchase if something on the show strikes your fancy (Gemma's jeans, for example).

- Simple.  Season 3 in synchronized to the Blu-ray via Wi-Fi, allowing you to control the blu-ray player with the app.  Season 4 is currently only synchronized using audio-sync, so there is no control of the 1st screen.  None to Medium.

- Social.  None.  No Twitter or Facebook integration.

- Seamless.  None.  No integration of other sources of content.

- Stimulating.  Great, synchronized, content-driven commerce for the uber-fan of Sons of Anarchy.  High.

- Discovery.  There is no content recommendation or discovery feature.  None.

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