Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Review of Miso as a SecondScreen Experience

I guess after seeing Google, Hearst, and others plunked down $4m last week in funding, I was expecting something more spectacular (they must have presented a great business plan).  The app is probably 1 step behind GetGlue, which is not saying much in this field.  You can check into a TV show or movie and make a comment (and see other check-ins and comments).  You can see "Trending" shows (and even featured shows).  That's it.  Seriously.  Let's hope they put that $4m to work quickly.

- Simple.  Cannot control your 1st screen.  None.

- Social.  Some rudimentary Facebook and Twitter integration.  Cannot follow tweets distinct from check-ins (see too much info), cannot really capitalize on friend Facebook likes unless from Miso, etc.  Low.

- Seamless.  No video source integration.  None.

- Stimulating.  No audio syncing of content.  Not even descriptive meta data on the show you are watching.  I think this is really a "None" (only the name of the show and the opportunity to choose an epside).

- Discovery.  It has a "Trending" function, but is that really discovery.  Very low.

- Simple.  None.
- Social.  Low.
- Seamless.  None.
- Stimulating.  None.
- Discovery.  Very low.

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