Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are you ready for a Second Screen Super Bowl? (#2ndScreenSB)

The big game is on Sunday and by now everyone has been reading articles about how 36% of viewers plan to use a second screen as a companion to the big game.  With 84% of Americans planning to watch the game from their (or a friend's) house, this is a second screen industry opportunity like no other.  We are even being told that the CBS has sold more than $10-12m of advertising on the second screen alone (forgetting the $3.5m per commercial for the 1st screen).

If you remember last year's Super Bowl second screen experience, there were at least 15 potential experiences for consumers to try, with the NFL delivering a great experience through their own app (NFL'12) and NBC broadcasting the experience live on their web site.  The Coke Polar Bears even got their own show going, and all of that earned NBC an estimated $2m in second screen advertising revenue.

So what experiences are worth of your limited time during the game this year (as you balance trying to enjoy the wings, beer, and friends with your passion about this space)?  We tried to segment the apps based on the kinds of experiences they will deliver for you (click here to see more about our segmentation on second screen apps).

  • Classic sports companion apps (suggested, not exhaustive).
    • NFL '12.  Released a new update for the Super Bowl, with guides to the town, the pre-game line-up, etc.  Great stimulating features to enhance your viewing experience.
    • CBS Sports.  A re-vamped interface and the ability to choose camera angles should make this an stimulating experience.
    • ESPN ScoreCenter.  Still one of the better sports companions with live stats (stimulating) and decent social features.
    • TheScore.  Also a great way to follow the game, with pre-populated posts for your social networks (easier to share).
    • TOK Football.  An innovative way to have the stats and graphics on your second screen while being able to talk thru the app to your friends (similar to a Skype voice session)--with buttons to cheer and boo during plays.
  • There are dedicated team and game apps.
    • Baltimore Ravens.  The latest news on players and game day stats.
    • 49ers GameDay Live.  The latest news on players and game day stats.
    • NFL Mobile.  The game streamed live, sponsored by Verizon.
    • Super Bowl XLVII Guide.  A free guide built for those attending the game in person.
    • Super Bowl XLVII Program.  An electronic version of the actual program guide that is available at the game.
  • Multi-purpose TV companion apps.
    • zeebox.  Deliver a great sports experience and I would expect them to be all over this game on Sunday.
    • ConnecTV.  Have delivered decent football experiences in the past and this will be a test to see of their new UI engages fans as much as the old UI.
  • Alternative enagement apps.
    • Viggle.  Still attracts a large audience of viewers who answer real-time trivia to earn points that result in real-world rewards.
    • Yahoo's IntoNow. (Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl Plus)  While the sports experience for IntoNow is ok, they are teaming up with Animal Planet to create a second screen experience for their Puppy Bowl Plus show.
  • Browser-based engagement experiences.
So enjoy the game, check out some of the experiences above and tell us about it on Twitter using that hashtag #2ndScreenSB.


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