Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ready for the Superbowl? Which Second Screen app will you use?

The big game is on Sunday and already every article you pick up seems to be discussing how Coke or Pepsi or Chevrolet or even Subway is going to have some new-fangled app experience to push their brand during the Superbowl.  You can find some great reviews of those apps on and

But what about all the apps we've been discussing over the past few months?  When we checked out a few games during the playoffs, we tried the classic sports apps (NFL '11, ConnecTV) and on Thanksgiving (ESPN Scorecenter XL, CBSports Yahoo IntoNow).  Of course, plans to stream live during the game with alternative angles and up to date stats.  What about BuddyTV and Dijit (both recent strong featured apps in our review)?  What about TVplus, Miso and their Sideshows, Umami or Viggle?

Well one thing is for sure--this space is already very crowded.  But that should be expected on the single most watched television event of the year.  I mean advertisers pay $3.5m per TV spot for 30 seconds of your attention, right?

But what will this do for Second Screen and Social TV?  Will it put all of these burgeoning technologies and changing consumer habits immediately into the lexicons of everyday Americans on the other side of the chasm, fueling water cooler conversations on Monday? Will we find social and second screen app usage having it's own tablet-like 2011 Christmas effect, with usage doubling overnight?  Will consumers just be so confused they mentally and emotionally shut down?

I have an idea.  Let's run an experiment.  Run your own test of your favorite apps or the promoted apps from the Superbowl commercial and tweet your comments with #2ndScreenSuperbowl and let's all share our thoughts on the good, the bad, and the confusing.  Honestly, with the mere 15 apps listed on this page alone, I can't think of another way for us to share enough experiences to be meaningful and still have time to watch any of the game.

Enjoy the game.


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