Thursday, February 16, 2012

How many Second Screen apps are out there?

Earlier today, we talked about the 10 apps we plan to review next week at the 2nd Screen Summit.  But how many apps are actually out there?  I think the way to think about this is consider the business model or objective of the app and then group them based on their backing or investment levels.  For example, there are apps with great funding coming from the network operators (Verizon, DirecTV, etc), but we need to keep in mind the objective of their backers (reduce churn and if possible raise ARPU).  While broadcast networks (ABC, NBC) or network brands (Bravo, Syfy, USA) have a completely different goal in mind (create stickiness for their shows and potentially to sell advertising).  Branded show apps or feature film apps are clearly about building brand stickiness, and all of the third party apps are trying to figure out how to generate revenue (either thru some form of advertising or marketing or commerce).  What does all of this mean for the consumer?  It means you will probably find the best show-based Stimulating content coming from the branded network or show apps, while the best features for Simple will come from the network operators.  It also immediately implies that 3rd party apps are the consumers best shot at driving forward feature development because it is the only way for them to differentiate themselves against the advantage network operators and branded networks/shows have on them to have a shot at convincing the consumer to use their app instead.

So, while not quite the same landscape or ecosystem we reviewed a few weeks ago, on the iPad, it looks something like the images below.  Come next week and discuss with us (

Branded TV Network / Show Apps
Network Operator Apps
Blu-ray Apps

Well-funded 3rd Party Apps We'll Review on Feb 22, 2012
Other Well-funded 3rd Party Apps
3rd Party Apps with Less Funding / Presence
More 3rd Party Apps with Less Funding / Presence

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