Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Second Screen Experience with Bambi on Blu-ray

Probably the best content driven approach to second screen I have seen yet.  The Stimulating nature of the original drawings, trivia, companion comic strips from the 1920s, picture scrambles, and other items were delivered in a UX that was well thought through.  An event about every 30-45 seconds, no sound, etc. A very passive and yet engaging experience.

Not everything was perfect.  I tried several times to get the audiosync to work to keep the synchronized content experience on track (provided by TVplus), but to no avail (yes, I did try the volume cranked way beyond normal levels to see if it would work).  This is probably why the releases that followed this from Disney (Tron for example) had wi-fi sync in addition to audio sync as an option.

Additionally, Disney did a better job than anyone I have seen in providing a "help" video on-line for their consumers.  It should be replicated by everyone else, including those TV shows and networks with dedicated apps for their brands and even by the 3rd party apps that cover multiple shows, titles, networks, etc.


- Simple.  No control of the 1st screen.  Audio sync also did not work that well.
- Social.  I did not find any way to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
- Seamless.  No integration of other sources of content.
- Stimulating.  HIGH.  Very High.  Great content integration and UX.
- Discovery.  No features to help you find new content.

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