Thursday, February 9, 2012

Watching Cowboys and Aliens with Pocket-Blu as a Second Screen Experience

There are some interesting features with this Blu-ray experience, and some UX features that are simply annoying.  First, I love the fact that the second screen experience is highly promoted as the Blu-ray starts playback on the first screen.  (*Updated with images after fixed their issues).

I also like the other titles it shows as having a Second Screen Blu-ray experience.  I am not aligned to the titles being tied to an app that that is not discernable until you load the disc (ie no marketing, no consumer launch effort other than the discs which carry it).

The general UI layout was ok once the Blu-ray started and the app detected it was playing.  It allowed control of the first screen like a high-end remote, but with the ability to see chapters and events/scenes within chapters.

However, the "materials" that came up as events were always the behind the scenes videos.  Granted, they were well synchronized to the playback of the feature, but I could not find a way to turn them off.  Every time it tripped across a new event, a video on the second screen would start playing, sound and all.  Talk about distracting.  It even automatically went to full screen on the tablet each time.  In the end, the only way I could figure out how to silence it was by muting my iPad with the external volume control.

I watched an hour of the feature or so and did not encounter any other kind of material (cast information, drawings, etc).  I did look to see if there was a way to see something other than videos, but it certainly wasn't obvious if there are other feature types.  I did stumble on to this, but could not get it to do anything for my experience (it hung and crashed the app).  I think it was designed to let you choose the kind of things that get fired on events, but I could not get it to work.

My overall view is that there are some great concept ideas (multiple features in a single app, marketing of the second screen, etc), but the UX and the related content wasn't thought through or tested on real consumers.  Almost, "Great platform potential, needs better title feature consideration."

Simple.  Great control of the first screen.  High.

Social.  There was a Facebook post capability, but not much more.  Low.

Seamless.  While they displayed other titles, it was only in list form, not in any sense of where you could source those features.  None.

Stimulating.  Good synchronized effort, just poor choice in content (and no other events other than video--or the UX isn't simple enough to figure that out).  I could not find cast information, other sources, etc.  Medium.

Discovery.  No indication of recommendations, etc.  None.

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