Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A recap of the apps for the 2nd Screen Summit app shoot-out

Last week, I gave a high-level overview of how we plan to conduct the app shoot-out tomorrow at the 2nd Screen Summit in Santa Monica.  I thought today we would just re-cap the mentions of the apps in previous blogs, highlighting some of their previous strengths and weaknesses (some of these apps will have released improvements since my last write up).

BuddyTV.  Strong showings in Simple, Seamless and Social.  Medium showing in Stimulating and low in Social.

TVplus.  Strong showing in Stimulating and medium showing in Social.

Fanhattan.  Strong showing in Stimulating and Discovery, medium showing in Social and Seamless.

ConnecTV.  Strong showing in Stimulating, medium showing in Social.

Dijit.  Medium showing in Simple, Social, Stimulating and Discovery.

Viggle.  Medium showing in Social and Stimulating.

Umami.  Medium showing in Social and Stimulating.

Miso.  Medium showing on Social and Discovery in the iPhone version, but a new iPad app is out now.

yap.TV.  Strong showing in Social.

IntoNow.  Medium showing in Social, but has an updated version that has yet to be reviewed with indications of improvements in Social and Stimulating.

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