Monday, December 12, 2011

My Review of U-verse Mobile App as a SecondScreen Experience

The U-verse "mobile" app is a much better experience than the Time Warner Cable app, but still supports my theory that the providers will only do the bare minimum for SecondScreen experiences.  It has a great guide and search feature even when you are not in the home (hence the "mobile" in the title when the app launches). The access to the guide and the DVR is for managing the DVR function only--it will not tune the box to that channel (which is very odd since Buddy TV uses the AT&T APIs and will change the channel for you, etc)..  It also has a 1st screen "download and play" feature (which for some titles will work outside your home)--and AT&T ensures you must have one of the higher priced packages before this feature is enabled.  This is a great app for when you are on the road and want to set the DVR to record something or if you are on the couch and can't face trying to search the U-verse guide with the 10-foot remote experience, but falls way short of an actual SecondScreen experience.

- Simple.  While it has great access to the guide, a decent search function, and access to the DVR to record or delete recordings, it does not allow you to surf the guide and then make it play on your TV.  Since Buddy TV can do this, I would hope this small feature comes soon.  Low.

- Social.  No evidence of any Twitter or Facebook integration.  None.

- Seamless.  No evidence of any other sources of content.  None.

- Stimulating.  Only very rudimentary guide-level meta data available on the shows you want to watch.  None.

- Discovery.  No discovery features to help you find new shows to watch.  None.

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