Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Review of Tunerfish as a SecondScreen Experience

While Tunerfish is mentioned in a few articles on the web, it doesn't get nearly the notoriety as GetGlue, IntoNow, or  However, as a simple TV or Film  "check-in" service, it is very similar.  When you first open the app, it asks you to register your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.  Like many of the apps, it disappoints by explaining to you that your Facebook friends have to additionally sign-in to Tunerfish to be your friend there, too.  From there, it is similar to other Check-in-type apps--you can comment to those watching a show, you can become a fan or check-in, etc.  You get very little in the way of Stimulating content (not even the cast), and no sense of Seamless content aggregation or Discovery of new content.  The app has a long ways to go if it is going to hold on to consumers over the other options out there.

Simple.  No ability to control the first screen.  None.
Social.  Rudimentary social capability, requiring your friends to "re-friend" you on Tunerfish, etc.  Low.
Seamless.  No current ability to even understand your primary video provider.  None,
Stimulating.  Very little additional content about the movie or TV episode you are watching.  None.
Discovery.  Nothing more than a "Popular Now" section.  None.

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