Sunday, December 18, 2011

My review of YAP.TV as a SecondScreen Experience

Yap.TV has had a ton of press lately with their new 3.0 version launch.  When you launch the app, it lets you choose from a grid guide approach to finding your show, the ever present search option, or a "Top 20" guide of shows that are trending now (presumably from Twitter activity but potentially via paid placement).  The app on your laptop or iPad is essentially a curated Twitter feed, with additional ability to take a poll, participate in "live chat", and the ability to see some additional photos about the show or the cast.

Not much more to it.  No real ability to control the 1st screen, to integrate other sources of content other than your cable/telco/sattelite provider, or to discover new shows (unless you view the trending feature a Discovery feature).  Quick summary: a ways to go to catch sync'd content apps (eg TVplus), 1st screen control apps (eg BuddyTV), or rich content apps (eg Fanhattan).

- Simple.  No ability (currently) to control your 1st screen.  None.

- Social.  A lot of Twitter and Facebook integration, some poll and live chat integration.  I'd like to see the Twitter feed for DVR'd or older content with the ability to show you tweets as of that time code in the show from the first airing or the ability to share clips, screen shots, etc.  Medium to High.

- Seamless.  No ability to integrate multiple sources of content.  None.

- Stimulating.  A small amount of additional content on the shows (actor and show photos).  Low.

- Discovery.  No discovery features other than search and trending.  None.

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