Monday, March 5, 2012

The Growth of Second Screen and its Impact on Consumer Data and IT

I had the opportunity to speak at the Hollywood IT Summit on Friday.  There were probably 300+ people in attendance and I had the good fortune of discussing how Second Screen might impacting their enterprise IT worlds (esp. for those who were working for major entertainment studios/networks).

We had some great initial discussion around just how fast second screen has grown in the last 6 months by comparing the data on these two slides briefly.

We continued by discussing the great data from the NPD deck presented at the 2nd Screen Summit a few weeks ago by Keith Nissen, essentially describing te massive connected device proliferation in the home by 2016 (all of which are likely 2nd screen candidates).

We quickly discussed how fast the app market itself had grown, with massive multiplication happening over the last 9 months (see Renaud Fuch's slide below from Technicolor).

The result is a crowded app market.

Which then creates a pretty crowded and complicated ecosystem.

What does all this mean for the IT manager?  No matter how you slice it, those that work in the content creation companies have a "big data" problem coming at them very, very quickly.

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